Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas & Welcome

Merry Christmas and welcome to my Blog.  I will be posting sundry stuff from time to time hoping to keep you all interested in what I have to "say."  Since I love dogs and have written a yet unpublished children's picture book about a particular dog, I will try to dish you some dog stuff.  So for my first post, enjoy this little Christmas ditty.


  1. Chris,

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. Love the title of your blog. So fitting and fun.

    I look forward to the day you post your Call story and share the reaction to landing your first contract.

  2. Keli,
    I'll be doing the Snoopy celebratory dance on the dog house...

  3. Hello! Please share tidbits about your story and the writing process. Have you shopped it with agents or editors. Do you belong to a critique group? Give us some insight of the writer's travail and God Bless the Work of Your Hands and Heart.

    A.E. Anderson

  4. Thanks, A.E. I will begin including more details of my writing journey in my blog. I just can't resist writing stories about my experiences. Keeps the fingers well oiled and the noggin sharp.



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