Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road Trip!

We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last Thursday by taking a road trip to the Sacramento River Delta. We crossed seven bridges and rode two ferries in our travels.  Riding on levee roads most of the time, the trip odometer rolled up 180 miles. Sleepy, small towns along the route included Rio Vista, Walnut Grove, Isleton and the ghostly looking Locke. We passed by more that a few stately old mansions--Victorian beauties from the early 1900's. We had a relaxing day with no particular itinerary.  Awwww... It was marital bliss.

My writing week went well. I finished an article I will submit to Clubhouse Jr. magazine called It's a Dog's Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It.  This non-fiction article for 4 - 8 year-olds is a fun education on dog jobs--the one's they're born to do.

Also, I submitted my adult article, Lost In Public, to InTouch magazine. It covers our experience in Paris with the Metro. The story humorously illustrates the consequences of forging ahead in life without first studying which direction to go.

This week, back to my picture book.  It awaits patiently.
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