Monday, February 15, 2010

Sold... to Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

I heard from Suzanne Gosselin, editor of Clubhouse Jr. Magazine on Friday February 12th. They love my non-fiction article on dog jobs, It's a Dog's Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It.... and they will be purchasing the article! WaaaaaaaaaHooooooooo! I screamed for joy when I read the email. Yes! I am excited! Clubhouse Jr. has a circulation of 65,000.

Our twenty-eight-year-old son read all the Focus on the Family children's magazines while growing up: Clubhouse Jr. (ages 4 - 8), Clubhouse (ages 8 - 12) and the no longer produced Breakaway (boys 12 - 18). These wonderful, fun-filled magazines will delight your kids and grandkids. Get them a subscription for an upcoming birthday or Easter. Even a savvy two-year-old, like my grandnephew, loves Clubhouse Jr.

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