Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Book Launch Party

Friend and fellow writer/author, Joanne Kraft, launched her book Just Too Busy with fanfare and flourish. Her book became available on June 1st (same date as The Dog Next Door). It was only appropriate that the the launch party took place at Caffe Santoro,  a local coffee shop where Joanne could be found hunkered in the corner with her laptop working on a chapter.

The popular event featured 400 mini-cupcakes made by Beth Thompson, President of Inspire Christian Writers, who slaved the day making the delicate morsels frosted with colors from the book cover. The cupcakes, alluring as they seemed, were not the crowd attraction. Crowds did come, but most slipped past the pretty display in their march to see the author.

Joanne's book about her family's experience at breaking the "busy" cycle contains advice on how to have quality family time. A little peace in a chaotic world—a message resonating with moms and dads today.

While husband, Paul, sold books at the coffee shop entrance, a line formed inside with folks eager to get their books signed. An hour into the event, each of Joanne's children read the chapter written about them. Meghan, their eldest now in college, wrote the chapter about herself, describing her experience and lessons from the radical sabbatical her family took when they unplugged from all things electronic and stopped all sports and after-school lessons.

Bright pink, green and purple balloons, flowers and even tissue paper added flare and festiveness to the location. For a time when the crowds were thickest, buzz and banter filled the shop, that place became Joanne's stage—her domain. She glowed as her smile beamed at each visitor approaching the pink-draped table set for book signing. The event marked a high watermark for other authors. Congratulations, Joanne!


  1. The book launch party was a blast, and it was great seeing you there Chris. Of course, we wouldn't miss it! And great article...
    Blessings ~ Danie



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