Friday, August 26, 2011

Publishing an eBook

Recently I ran across a great blog post at the Blogging Bistro on publishing an ebook. Much easier to achieve than developing an interactive iPad app, an ebook can none the less be overwhelming and elusive.

Mary DeMuth, novelist and non-fiction author, has documented the steps to getting your manuscript e-published. She provides all the details (including helpful websites) to get the job done.

To view this great blog post go to 7 Simple Steps to Publishing Your E-Book.

What do you need to do to get your manuscript ready to e-publish?


  1. For those in the Northern California region, there's an e-book workshop October 29th, hosted by CWC-South Bay Writers called "HOW TO GET IN ON THE EBOOK REVOLUTION"

    It is certainly taking the publishing industry to a whole different place!

  2. Great seeing you today, Christina. Will you be going to the e-book workshop?



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