Thursday, October 22, 2009

Submission Follow-up

A Black Hole to Ponder

This week I did follow-up on three articles I have out for consideration. There is something to be said for the immediate rejection. At least you hear something. I have not heard one peep from any of the publishers I submitted articles to back in June/July. So I sent emails to each of them asking if they received my email way back in "ancient history"... seems like anyway.

I have plenty of patience, but at some point you begin to wonder Did they get the email I sent? or Did it go into the black hole of cyber-space? The latter situation oftentimes amounts to an accidental hit of the Delete key. Hmmmm...

This circumstance provoked a ponder. Instead of being called writershaving not yet been published and thus not earned the title authorwe should be called author-in-waiting. After all, writing involves lots of waiting. I don't mean the act of writing, although we sometimes wait for juices to flow, the muse to inspire or creativity to happen. But the part where we send off our "babies" to the publisher and wait to get a response. We hope to hear that our work is worthy of publication, however, dead silence after awhile causes the mind to wonder.

I'm hoping my follow-up elicits some kind of response... or am I in for more waiting?

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  1. Remember the song, "The Wai-ai-ting is the Hardest Part"? So true in writing. You'll have to keep us posted on your responses. Good things await you, my friend. I have every confidence in the gifts God has given you and the God who gave them!



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