Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Essence of Christmas

Is this the picture of Christmas that you embrace?
Yes, it's Christmastime! Year after year I hear people lament about wanting to slow down and enjoy what Christmas is all about. However, despite the slow economy, I see people packed into the malls and big box centers looking for gifts... and maybe that little gift for yourself (it's on sale after all). The closer it gets to Christmas, the more crowded and hectic it gets. How can we enjoy Christmas when we feel obligated to buy someone a gift, even though we have no idea what they would want.

This is when I am thankful for my upbringing. We never had much in the way of gifts growing up. Being a family of six kids, it was enough to keep us fed and in clothes. Christmas developed into a time with family. As adults, we have never exchanged gifts. Instead we get together to eat, play games and visit.

Now that mom is no longer with us, there are only three generations that gather. This year we plan to check our smart phones and iPads at the door. That will avoid the familiar scene of a room full of people all looking down at their personal devices, fingers flying. We saw that dastardly picture at Thanksgiving. Even seventeen-month-old Cyrus locked his attention onto an iPhone.

Do you feel the essence of Christmas? Revisiting the nativity story when the God of the universe became a helpless baby in a humble manger. Putting into motion His plan to bring redemption to a lost and waiting world. Have you taken the time to stop and embrace the peace and calm of resting in the Christ child? It's your choice.

Merry Christmas!


  1. God sent us that gift as an expression of love, and I give them to others for the same reason.

  2. Our daughter likes the preparations completed the day after Thanksgiving. We've done things her way the past several years. Having the tree up and decorated with the wrapped gifts beneath it so early enables us to focus on friends and family rather than experience the frenzy. She gets home from college Christmas Eve, and we'll attend our candlelight service that night. I'm looking forward to that time of quiet reflection.

    I wish you a blessed celebration of CHRISTmas, Chris and all the best in the new year.

  3. Hi Keli,
    One of our family traditions was to pack up the Thanksgiving leftovers and a box of Christmas cookies that my sister made every year and go cut down a tree in Camino the day after Thanksgiving. Now that the kids are grown, most of us have artificial trees we put up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Plus we have our custom-made Nativity to delight those who drive by our home.

    Nur will be here on Christmas Eve too. Have a wonderful family time for Christmas and the New Year, Keli.

  4. Nice message, cool blog. Hugs and may you have a blessed new year!
    Suzie Martin



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