Thursday, February 17, 2011

Developing an iPad App: Step Three

Meet Aiden—exuberant and full of imagination
We are one month into our project to make The Prisoner of Carrot Castle into an iPad app. If you're just joining us, you'll want to catch up by reading Step One: Assemble the Team and Step Two: Complete Storyboard.

Step Three: Meet the Characters
While I worked on the storyboard, Kate Jeong, armed with a copy of the manuscript, roughed out the characters so she could begin the scene sketches once the storyboard was complete. You might say this is actually Step Two B.

Our lively and exuberant protagonist, Aiden, appears alone at the dinner table. With disheveled hair and disinterest in finishing his veggies, his imagination launches him to a far away place. To his amazement, he finds himself alone in a prison cell. Aiden's exciting adventure begins!

Kate worked on several versions of the King of Carrot Castle to arrive at this larger-than-life, arrogant King... and his aloof Queen.
The ugly guard who frightens Aiden when he suddenly appears through the cell door hatch would scare anyone confronted with such an oaf.

Numerous guards and people of the court will be seen in various scenes as Aiden attempts to escape from Carrot Castle. Kate developed several versions of Castle people, who might be spotted in the throne room or passing through the courtyard as they search for the escaped prisoner. These are just two people that might be seen in the app.

Join us for the next step in our project.

What do you think of Aiden and his castle adversaries?


  1. Fun, indeed! Don't you wanta just squeeze cute little Aiden?

  2. Kate's artwork is awesome. Aiden is adorable. I love how his missing tooth gives a visual clue to his age.

    You must be having a ball working on this, Chris.

  3. Fantastic Chris! What a talented team you have assembled. Great illustrations. I'm so excited for you!

  4. How fun for you, Chris! Congrats, you've come a long way, Baby!

  5. Love the character drawings, sure does make the book come alive. I like Aiden, he looks like a typical boy who does not want to eat is vegetables!

    As I've said, I'm really excited for you and learning all that you know!!!!

    This looks like so much fun, as you get to be on the creative edge of things . . . I love that part.



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