Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School Preparedness

Back to School
Believe it or not it's Back to School for kids across the nation and the world. Parents are in a frenzy getting kids new clothes and school supplies so they get off on the right foot when they enter the classroom.

This fall the new "kid" in the classroom may well be the iPad. There will be anywhere from 1 to 10 in a classroom with more classrooms adopting a one-to-one program. Research shows that well-integrated technology where kids can interact has a positive impact on student learning outcome.

The kids app developer community backed by Moms With Apps is preparing for a school year where iPads are more common and quickly becoming an integral part of the learning curriculum.

Introducing the launch of AppyMall where all things kids apps can be found. Back2School is the first promotion where oodles of educational apps and books are discounted for the classroom.
AppyMall has Smart Searching so you find what you're looking for. It categorizes apps by appropriate age and category. It will launch with 5 anchor stores or “AppyStores” including: the Preschool AppyStore, Elementary School AppyStore, Middle School AppyStore, Speech and Language AppyStore and Special Needs AppyStore. Each AppyStore will have a comprehensive stock of apps, highlighting select apps chosen by Siva (creator of AppyMall) and his expert team as being exceptional in a category.

Of course The Prisoner of Carrot Castle will be featured on the AppyMall under books for ages 3 - 8 years old. We're excited about the mall where parents will be able to do precise searches to find what they want without all the clutter of adult apps.

Doors Open – August 2, 2012

Visit www.appymall.com

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