Sunday, April 12, 2009

Writing For Kids — Alleluia!

He is Risen — Alleluia!

I went to the Mount Hermon Writer's Conference and came home with my mind filled to the brim. I made many new friends from all over the country. It was an incredible experience. Go to Inspire Writers to read more about my experience at the conference.

Writing for children is a particular craft all to itself. I took the Children's Writing track with Mona Hodgson who has written numerous children's books from picture books to middle grade non-fiction. With 21 years of experience, she packed a lot of great material in the 9 hours of workshop.

She revealed requirements we must possess to write great material for children and important aspects, such as: 
  • Why write for children?
  • Where to look for ideas
  • What formats for each age group
Mona covered details about each type of book, the various formats and relevant age groups as well as all facets of story construction and how to submit manuscripts for each. She opened our eyes to others forms of writing for children, for example:
  • Magazines
  • Church take home papers
  • Devotionals
  • Curriculum
  • Poetry
  • Miscellaneous (e.g., rebus, puzzles, activities, cartoon, crafts and quizzes)
In future posts I will talk about a particular area about writing for children that I learned, for example, how to write a cover letter for your manuscript.

Tell me what you would like to know about writing for children. 


  1. Chris, What an amazing time we had! I was busy learning fiction from Davis Bunn and he was fantastic too! I look forward to learning all about your adventures in children's writing.

  2. The conference sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing the results in your writing which I plan to read faithfully. Evelyn



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