Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Manuscripts Received...I'm on My Way to Mount Hermon

Tomorrow I leave for a five-day writers conference at Mount Hermon in the Santa Cruz mountains. I sent two manuscripts ahead of the conference. One for editorial review by Nick Harrison, Senior Editor at Harvest House Publishers.  The other for critique by Barbara Curtis.

I'm very excited about the submission for editorial review. I submitted my picture book The Tail of Chessie--the Heart of God. It's been completely rewritten and critiqued. I am very happy with it. It's a great story about Dillon and his dog Chessie who endears herself to Dillon with an attentive personality and ever-wagging tail. Dillon learns about the character of God through Chessie.

I also submitted an adult article about personal growth through a tragic incident. I hope to get it published in a magazine.

I finished the manuscripts under duress of illness and mailed them off. Best of plans can be thwarted by being sick. My head was feeling foggy as I worked to carefully polish the manuscripts and get them in the mail. To my distress I noticed a blatant error on the first page of my picture book today as I was getting things ready to leave..Arghhhh! I'm hoping that it miraculously goes unnoticed.

Leave a comment and tell me your submission stories.

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