Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello...Are You There?

Oh...Sorry!  I've been busy doing life, writing the magazine article, and know how it goes.  I just have to get used to writing for the purpose of publication and at the same time, posting relevant and interesting items for my blog in hopes I can get a loyal and growing following.

Monday I received the "turn-down" from my first manuscript submission.  You know you've been rejected when you get that eerily familiar envelope when you open the mail box. It's the one that you addressed and applied postage to.  The material inside is pristine as the day you inserted it into the envelope, addressed it to the publisher and mailed it off.  At least I'd feel better if there were a few stains on it giving it the appearance that someone did look at it.

Oh well.  I thought I'd likely get rejected--a harsh word--perhaps passed over would be better to swallow.  After rereading the submission letter I wrote, no wonder I got rejected.  As my writer friend Keli Gwyn says, "Don't fall into pitfalls that make your work cry Newbie!"  Why did I think that letter sounded good at the time? Is it because we writers, if we are honest, can always improve upon what we write?  And, of course, we always seem to do our worst when representing ourselves...arghhhh!  Any thoughts on this?

OK, gotta go.  I have to finish my article for the critique group tomorrow, register for the conference later this month and get my manuscripts prepared for submission.


  1. Hugs on the R, Chris. Many of my writer friends don't even spell out that unwelcome word. Softens the blow somehow, I think.

    On the bright side, you have a letter that proves you are indeed a writer of children's books and that you're serious about publication. That deserves a special gesture. So, put your hand to your computer screen. I've done the same, so now you have a Cyber high five from me to you.

  2. Chris, How do you get this comment section on your blog? BTW, i am a follower of your blog but you are not following me??



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