Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop The Voices

Peanuts: Lucy, Big, Loud, Screaming Blonde by Tom Everhart
Peanuts: Lucy, Big, Loud, Screaming Blonde

OK...I really don't want them to stop, but rather be a bit more moderated.  How about being there when I'm at the keyboard looking for those choice words, that perfect intro or the "too good to be true" story conflict.

I returned from my weekend writer's seminar with new vigor and commitment to my skill. And yes, lots of voices running around in my head composing the transition I needed in my story, or words for the ideal hook for a new story.

In the course of two days I have gotten two critiques--both very different.  One might consider one of them devastating, but I'm a realist and had expected there would be work to do. And...you know what?  I'm excited!  The other critique was surprisingly encouraging--she loved the story.

If you've had a critique or feel you'll never get there.  Take heart.  I'll leave you with the words of free lance editor Pam Halter.  She responded to my email following her critique of my picture book, "You have a dream. A vision. Try not to stray from it while you are learning. There's something to be said for a fresh voice and style. You will hear lots of opinions. Your job is to sort through all the differing opinions and ask yourself, what is the right thing for my book?"

Remember, fellow writer, be true to yourself and your dream...I am.

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  1. Chris,

    I'm glad to hear your conference experience was encouraging, despite a tough critique. I like Pam's advice to stay true to your vision while learning craft. You know your story better than anyone.



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